Prayed enough? Praise Me
How easy it has been for you to cry out your eyes
To wet your pillows in a pool of water.
Just because of your lonely experiences.
Trying time of course!
Waiting on God for a breakthrough

In whichever area of life: business, marriage,
Career, health, name it
No headway it seems.
Alas! You feel dejected and hopeless

Mind you,
You have missed some important
Ingredient in your life
What is it?
A heart of praises
Ingratitude is a cancer to the human spirit
It eats you up like a termite-infested wood.

You have prayed enough on those `issues’, haven’t you?
Then begin to reflect on God’s goodness and faithfulness.
Learn to appreciate the creator
For those `small’ and great blessings
I mean develop an attitude
Of praises and thanksgiving
I promise you
Praise is POWER!

It shifts your focus from your problems

And re-directs you to the only solution
To life’s crises -GOD.
Then those problems become small

Ginger your spirit in praises,
Even at such times when you do not feel like
Do not depend on those feelings,
Feed your mind on the truths of God’s word
The truth is – God delights in you

He wants to fellowship with you
Will you deny Him?
Thank Him for all things and for everything
Overcome your loneliness with thoughtful reflections
On God’s majesty and sovereignty
Over your situations
As you give Him praises.






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