So many things on my mind,
No one understands
It looks rosy – the busy executive!
If only they had insights into the
burdens on my mind,

Jealousy and strive over leadership positions
Will fade away.

I am not complaining though
For I have learnt to thank God in it all.
I have a vision – and that pushes me on
An understanding of God’s call upon my life
I dare not trade it with anything less
A goal is set before me
I am pressing forward
But I am lonely –

I’m married of course! The truth is that
She cannot understand it all of the time
The hurting follower is groaning
Yet I cannot help,
I am available to all.
But everybody is keeping his distance

The Master-Servant syndrome
Is difficult to erase from their minds.
I actually want to share the burdens of my heart
But no one seems to hear my cries!
I need help.
But everybody thinks I am at my BEST.

Where could I turn to? But to the Lord
He says, “Come to me,
All you who labour and are heavy laden
And I will give you rest.”(Matt.11:28)






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