About JCCM

Joyful Callers Counselling Ministry

JCCM is a Christian resource and training organisation. We are your one-stop door to the expertise and acumen of renowned teachers and resource persons in the field of Christian Counselling and Ethics; Cross-Cultural Missions and Tent-making ministry, Christian Ministry, Leadership, Church planting and growth.


  • Training and re-training of Christian Counsellors, missionaries, church workers and ministers
  • Design of evangelism/mission outreach program
  • Design of discipleship program
  • Church planting strategy
  • Church administration consultancy
  • Access to rich Christian resources and materials


  • Christian Ethics and Counselling  [24 hours]
  • School of Evangelism & Missions [24 hours]
  • Christian Leadership Course (executive) [16 hours]
  • School of Ministry (executive) [16 hours]
  • Church Administration 360 [16 hours]
  • Tent Maker 2000  [16 hours]
  • The Media Church [10 hours]
  • Church Planting [16 hours]
  • Church Growth [16 hours]
  • E-Learning [20 hours]


  • We believe in the triumphant and prosperous church which is active in all dispensations, awaiting the second coming of Jesus Christ


  • Learned and informed Christian counsellors, church workers, missionaries and ministers
  • Spiritually strong and Christ-centered church
  • Life-giving and rich discipleship program
  • Church administration made easier
  • Ministry-enhancing resources and materials
  • Network


  • Flexibility: our packages are designed to fit your time schedule
  • Economic: charges are affordable and friendly
  • Customised: to meet your specific needs and situation
  • Interactive: allowing for cross-input.

At the end of the training programme, a “Certificate of Participation” in Christian Counselling or Mission Studies depending on the choice of field, will be issued to successful trainees.

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