Life is a paradox
Be ye who
Experience will teach you
Have you heard the news?
What news?
Your neighbor on the other side
Her baby just died yesterday

While mourning the loss
Another question came
Have you heard the news?
Another bad news again?
What do you mean by that?
Tell me what is it?
A set of triplets just arrived in town.
Waoh! Who is that blessed mother?
Life, a paradox indeed!

Yesterday, Crucify Him
Today, He is risen!
He had to go thru such paradox of life
To save you and All.
Sorrow today, Joy tomorrow
That’s the pattern of life
It seems to me

Make the best out of life
Expect the Worst
Anticipate the Best
Maintain your balance!
A well-adjusted fellow
Must learn how to respond
Yes, to situations around him
Life is a paradox
Make the Best of it!






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