No one can resist the scent of Rose flower
It brings joy to the soul
The Fragrance
Oh it is excellent!
Pretend you hate it
Try as you may
Squeeze it hard in your hand
Alas! The scent is all over you

Lo! There is one `strange’ Force
Irresistible Force indeed!
The Force of Love!
Look around you
Search the universe
A mightier force than `he’
No! No! No!
It breaks hearts of stone
It melts mountains
It calms troubled waters

This Force is easy to come by
Attach yourself to the powerhouse – GOD
He is Love
As Rose flower
Love brings blessed odour
To your life and to others around you
It endures hardships
It overlooks insults
It forgives hurts
It covers a multitude of sins

You need `Love’
To impact lives
To help the helpless
You must be loving
To comfort the comfortless
You must be loving
For people’s lives to count for God
They need to experience Agape – God’s kind of love
Thru `U’

So Lord, make me a fragrance!
That I may be a blessing
To my generation
That your name may be glorified.






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