There lie they
That once lived on this side of the globe
They are no more
I see tombstones, flat – surfaced;
Scattered in the midst of grassland
And I thought within myself

These ones that are lying there
Were once like me
Breathing, jumping and jubilating
Beaten hands down by sorrows and cares
Of this wretched world
Had they known that it will soon be over
May be they would have been more determined
To make the best of life.

Of course some are resting
In the arms of the saviour
Others are groaning in torment
And gnashing their teeth
You ask me why?
They determined their eternity
By their response
To the love of the `Son of God’ – Jesus
It’s not just enough to confess that He is Lord
He must be acknowledged
As the “personal” Lord Of every life
And your walk with Him faithfully
Throughout life
Will dictate where He will place you
In eternity

These ones have “completed” their labour –
Successfully or haphazardly –
But I am still here
What preparations am I making
For my heavenly home?
It is appointed unto men once to die,
After this, Judgment – Heb.9:27

See –
No names, no identities!
No epitaph of any sort
What then is this life?
That man gets himself bogged down
With cares!
Desires for fame
Cravings for wealth
Inordinate passion for recognition

See –
Those things end here!
All those encomiums!
No one remembers again
Was he a Mayor, political activist?
A Venerable priest; Professor Emeritus
A Poet laureate or what have you?
No more!

I now see
“Vanity of vanities
Says the preacher –
All is vanity” – Ecc.12:8

Lord, hold me by my right hand
Create in me a longing
To consistently draw on your companionship
What can be sweeter than that?
I do not have to become tired or weary
Of this lonely race
Whether I like it or not,
It will surely end one day
Then I better relax in the arms of He
Who is able to keep me to the end.
Lord, encourage my heart to keep keeping on.






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