Little did Gideon realize that God had empowered him for greatness. He was troubled about the oppression of the Midianites, and God raised him up to deliver His people. God sent him to war with 300 soldiers instead of the 3,000 soldiers he had prepared earlier on, and God gave them a resounding victory. The God who empowered Gideon for greatness at that time is still the same today and for ever. He is still in the business of empowering His children to do exploits for Him


Hard work, determination and total dependence on God can change anybody’s destiny in life. No one is born poor, neither is any born great. Everybody (old and young) is complaining about the situation of things in our land. The challenge to all of us who are reading this article is this: Let it be a commitment on your part to improve our beloved nation and move on to greater heights in the committee of nations, by preparing ourselves with the fear of God in our hearts, and be determined to love this nation. Let us be patriots! A lot of people do not love this nation. We want to “check out of the country.” Remember, other people built up their own countries with, hard work, honesty, integrity and love for the good of their fatherland. Let us wake up to our responsibilities! And the Lord will help us. Amen!

As a country we have produced thousands of professionals, be they medical doctors, civil and mechanical engineers, teachers, architects, lawyers, and what have you, yet whenever we need the services of these professionals we will suddenly find out that a number of them can not solve our problems. We can not trust most of our medical experts, so the rich and powerful people run to Asia, Europe and other countries for medical care. Is this not an anomaly? We even spend so much money as a nation to bring in expatriate engineers to build our roads, in fact sometimes to build our corporate buildings. What exactly is the problem?

Just as God had empowered Gideon to be great but he knew it not until God pushed him out of his shell, I believe that God has empowered every one of us towards greatness. But we have to change our mind-set, work hard and make up our minds to become great indeed. God needs us to bring about solutions to the religious, economic and political systems of this nation. Everybody must look inwards, have sober reflections and then declare to himself or herself that, “other people have excelled in life, I will not be an exception.” So I say unto you my readers, Work hard, have godly fear and strive for Excellence, I repeat, Strive for Excellence.