Many people are connected to any married couple who have chosen divorce as an option- children, mother, father, uncles, aunties, nephews, nieces, brothers, sisters-in-law etc. When decisions are about to be reached about calling it quits, it will be ideal to think beyond you. Care for the hurts your children and other significant others are about to be exposed to. Some ‘wounds’ may never get healed.

Divorce is a traumatic experience! Come to think of it. This man that has suddenly become a stranger to his wife was once a lovely man, one in a million, very caring and accommodating. Then what went wrong? What was responsible for the breakdown in communication? Is it not possible to resolve their differences? Couples should embrace communication at all levels. It is a significant key to building a successful marriage relationship.

FRIEND, find out what divorcees have to say: CAN YOU “HEAR” THEIR PAINS?
“Divorce is one of the traumatic things a man or a woman can go through.” – Bro. M.A.
“It is not a thing of pride for you to come out and say you are divorced.” – Bro. A’
“If I were this matured as a Christian twenty years ago, I wouldn’t have sued for a divorce…” – Sis. ‘B
“Divorce is not a good thing whether the woman was a witch or not. Trust me, it is not a good thing to go through a divorce.” – Bro ‘S’