We want to break down the walls!
The wall of  ‘denominationalism’
In what sense?
We are telling ourselves the truth afresh
That we are ONE BIG FAMILY
The Master left us with a prayer
And what is it? Father, that they may be ONE
As we are ONE.   (Jn. 17:21)

So what is this big obstacle to our oneness?
We are inward looking; Folks, Let’s spread out
Extend arms of fellowship to your Brothers
Yes, to your Sisters in the other denominations
Some of us major on “Holiness”; Some others focus on the “minors”
Others focus on all others; But remember We are called to be like Him
Who though God; Yet, an epitome of HUMILITY
What a mystery!

Are you sure you got that deep secret? I am not sure
Well, He keeps on saying
Be my voice on this side of the globe
Be my legs; Be my hands; Be my eyes; Be my ears
Be all that I want ‘U’ to be To this generation of men and women
Who really love me less; They seek me for the goodies I can offer
But not because they actually desire my fellowship

That’s o.k. for them; But for you, it’s time to change
Become like your Lord; Love All
Reach out indiscriminately; Bring your own wealth
You bring your talented Youth; Yes, let me have your Mass Choir
Those skilled guys; Release them for my Kingdom task.
Let’s all work together. Serve the King as ONE
And let’s begin to enjoy heaven; Even right here on earth
Oh what a beauty!






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