LOVE from me – husband:

Invariably every marriage starts from this idea expressed either verbally or through action by the man. He goes to the young lady with various methods of expressing himself. ‘I love you.’ Those three words are very important to maintain the joy within the Christian home.

The initiative for love usually, and should continually come from the husband. He started the whole business with ‘love’ and must be prepared to maintain it with ‘love’ no matter what happens. He should always remember the pledge, ‘for better, for worse.’ The idea of love when things are smooth, easy and nice is normal and would happen among pagans and members of other sects or religions. But when things become tough, uneasy or perhaps disagreements or disobedience has set in within marriage, the idea of love can then be tested. This love is the ‘Agape’ love.


The love expected from the husband has been qualified in a way that makes it very difficult and trying. It says ‘you must love, as Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for her.’ It simply means that there is no earthly sacrifice that a husband can give to his wife that can be too much. There is no doubt about the fact that such sincere love can not be easy in human strength. It is the love of Christ in the husband that can make it possible. Paul has described love in its entirety within the thirteen verses of first Corinthian Chapter 13. It is possible to bring out at least nine attributes of love in this chapter and when a husband can aim at these to live by that standard, the true joy that love brings will be in their home. One practical illustration before discussing the nine points. There would be occasions when your wife would annoy you, though unintentionally, and your anger would normally want to take you out of the home; it is during such a time that you need to express verbally or practically those three words, ‘I love you.’! Try it and watch anger melt in the warmth of love. It is really when such love is expressed that one’s partner knows she has a trusted husband and would continue to express sincere obedience.