JCCM is a Christian resource and training organisation. We are your one-stop door to the expertise and acumen of renowned teachers and resource persons in the field of Christian Counselling and Ethics; Cross-Cultural Missions and Tent-making ministry, Christian Ministry, Leadership, Church planting and growth.


  • Training and re-training of Christian Counsellors, missionaries, church workers and ministers
  • Design of evangelism/mission outreach program
  • Design of discipleship program
  • Church planting strategy
  • Church administration consultancy
  • Access to rich Christian resources and materials


We believe in the triumphant and prosperous church which is active in all dispensations, awaiting the second coming of Jesus Christ


Christian Ethics and Counselling

Ethical issues facing Christians and the church are the focus in this package. Participants are afforded tools to discern and discover scriptural truths and basis in contemporary issues and questions. [24 hours]

School of Evangelism & Missions

This comprehensive package is designed to provide the individual with effective tools and skills for Evangelism and Cross-Cultural missions, particularly in contemporary environment. [24 hours]

Christian Leadership Course (executive)

The Premium leadership course challenges the Christians to live as light wherever they find themselves. Christian leadership principles that are applicable in all spheres of life and endeavors are taught. [16 hours]

School of Ministry (executive)

At the end of this course, the individual would have learnt how to discover his/her place in the ministry and how to fulfill God’s purpose for his/her life. [16 hours]

Church Administration 360

Human resource management, data collation and analysis, external and internal environment management; monetary and fund issues; public, government and inter-organisational relations. [16 hours]

Tent Maker 2000

This product is designed to help the mission-minded church and individual discover so many mission opportunities and doors while yet working within their budgets and within their capacities. [16 hours]

The Media Church

At the end of this course, the participant would have learnt about the overwhelming opportunities that abound for the church in the social media world. [10 hours]

Church Planting

All essential tools of church planting (history, sociology, budgeting/funds and human resources) are incorporated in this course. [16 hours]

Church Growth

Participants are introduced to holistic tools and strategies for church growth. [16 hours]


An Online Training in Christian Counselling and Mission studies. Participants are acquainted with basic principles in Christian Counselling so as to prepare them for helping one another in Christian community, and in Multi-Cultural contexts. [20 hours]


  • Learned and informed Christian counsellors, church workers, missionaries and ministers
  • Spiritually strong and Christ-centered church
  • Life-giving and rich discipleship program
  • Church administration made easier
  • Ministry-enhancing resources and materials
  • Network


  • Flexibility: our packages are designed to fit your time schedule
  • Economic: charges are affordable and friendly
  • Customised: to meet your specific needs and situation
  • Interactive: allowing for cross-input

Dr. (Mrs) Esther Adenike Luogon
B.ED. Guidance and Counselling, University of Ibadan
M.A. Missions, Africa International University, Nairobi-Kenya
D.MIN. Transformational Leadership for the Global city, Bakke Graduate University, Seattle, USA.



Dr. (Mrs) Esther Adenike Luogon is a resource person and speaker at local and international conferences; an author of several books and academic publications, and a certified professional counsellor by the Canadian Institute of Christian Counsellors.

Esther Luogon is a lecturer at Grace Springs Bible College, Ilupeju, Lagos; also a faculty coach to Doctor of Ministry students at West Africa Theological Seminary, Ipaja-Lagos; a visiting Missions lecturer at School of Missions -India, and also at Crowther Graduate Theological Seminary, Abeokuta, Ogun state; visiting Lecturer at Christian Outreach Bible College of Qua Iboe Church (UEC) , Surulere- Lagos; visiting Missions lecturer at the School of Missions/Agape College of Theological Studies, Gana-Ropp, Plateau state.

She is the president of Joyful Callers Counselling Ministry, Lagos-Nigeria, and oversees Institute of Christian Counselling and Mission Studies of the ministry.

Rev. Frederick O. Anthonisious. Luogon
B.Th. M. Div., West Africa Theological Seminary, Ipaja-Lagos
M.A. (rel.), Grace Springs Bible College, Ilupeju-Lagos
Ph.D. (in view), Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun state-Nigeria.)



Rev. Luogon is a Church historian, an ordained minister with the United Methodist Church in Nigeria, a cross-cultural missionary, and currently serves as a missionary pastor in Nigeria.

He is a resource person and speaker at local and international conferences; an author of academic publications; and a certified trauma counsellor by Cross Canada.

He is a lecturer at a Theological Seminary, a visiting lecturer to a number of Bible Colleges both in Nigeria and Liberia. A visiting Lecturer at Christian Outreach Bible College of Qua Iboe Church (UEC, Surulere, Lagos; visiting Missions lecturer at Agape School of Missions, and the pioneer Provost of Agape College of Theological Studies,(ACTS), Gana-Ropp, Plateau state.

He is a preacher, a teacher of the Word of Life and a member of the board of trustees of Joyful Callers Counselling Ministry.